NextBook Features

User Interface

  • Fast and responsive UI, content should be readable and accessible on most devices.
  • Looks good even on printouts.
  • Good out of the box looks thanks to tailwindcss.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to toggle features (theme, next/previous page navigation).
  • Built-in light and dark mode (press T) for pleasant and safe reading.
  • Side menu that keeps reader's read progress (can be disabled).
  • In-page dynamic table of contents (if titles are used within the document) with scroolspy.


  • SEO optimised meta tags.
  • robots.txt generated at build time.
  • Sitemap generated at built time.
  • Great lighthouse scores.

Functionality & Speed

  • A pre-built, single page JAMSTACK application for fast FCP.
  • Fast page loading and pre-loading.
  • Cross-page linking with no page reloads.

Content Creation

  • Rich markdown support for content.
  • For more interactivity, MDX power is at your fingertips.
  • Fenced code with metadata support allowing code titles, line numbers, links to source, clipboard copying, line highlighting.
  • Need even more dynamic features? See customization & extensibility below.

Collaboration & Deployment

  • You own your data, content is in plain markdown files, no proprietary formats or apps.
  • Collaborate with peers and deploy via familiar GIT workflows as you're used to do with code.
  • No hassle, automatic deployment with a single push.

Customization & Extensibility

  • Built on open-source. Nuff said.
  • Customizable and easy to read code.
  • NextBook is built on top of great and stable software like Next.js, React, MDX and remark. You can leverage everything these libraries are able to offer to improve it further and suit your needs.