Settings & Customization

General Settings

NextBook is very easy to configure. All you need is change configuration in config/config.json file to suit your needs and add your table of contents.

Advanced Settings

There is also an example environment file .env.local.example which can be used for advanced usages like keeping sensitive configration data or keys. To use it, make a local copy with the name .env.local and customize content.

Warning When Deploying
Keep in mind that the host you are planning to deploy the application must also support environment variables in order to use them. Most of them do.


NextBook is open source and completely customizable. You can modify look & feel using tailsindcss, or completely change behaviour of components.

Here are customizable files/folders of the project:

1components  -> Your components and state stores live here
2config      -> Main configuration file lives here
3content     -> All book/documentation markdown content goes here.
4layouts     -> Layouts of your pages go here. Modify these if you want to completely change design.
5pages       -> Standard Next.js pages folder. This app uses dynamic routes [part]/[page]. You can add as many pages as you want here.
6public      -> Keep assets like images you reference in content files here.
7styles      -> Some global style for screen and print. Change as you like.